Mascot goes in for a nip/tuck

Simon is the honorary Boston Crazy Driving co-pilot. He is a very friendly and playful boxer dog that came into our lives before Mrs. Boston Crazy Driving and I married. We adopted him from a rescue in Rochester, N.Y. He has given us joy that no amount of money could compare, and he has been a very good testing subject for our parenting abilities. Although we did find it hard to scold him for eating the couch cushion one day early in the experiment in his best impression of Hooch.

Being a member of the working group, Simon likes to have jobs. He warms various chairs and couch cushions for us, keeps us warm at night by sleeping under the covers and also dutifully checks our heading with his superior nose while riding in the car. He generally knows when we are within a block of both of our parents' houses.

We were devastated when, after having him for barely a year, we found out he had a heart murmur that could shorten his life. After visiting the doggy cardiologist for a heart ultrasound, he was declared as healthy as, um, well, a horse. We were relieved, and the sleepless nights were for naught. But on a recent well visit we discovered he is not so healthy, though you wouldn't know it to look at him. Simon has skin cancer. It's not terribly serious. It's a small bump on his thigh and the doctors insist it should come off along with a noncancerous one on his elbow. We're more concerned with him being put under general anesthetic and spending a night in the hospital than his ability to recover.

But I know this dog. He should recover fine, and will be back to his old self in a couple of weeks. He survived an abusive owner who pushed him out of a car to get rid of him with his good nature towards humans intact, so I'm sure he won't lose a step after this surgery.


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