Trucks prohibited means you, too

Regular readers know I'm a stickler for the rules of the road, and they know that I do my best to adhere to them. That's why I get so agitated when I see others wantonly breaking these rules. I figure they do it mainly out of ignorance, but I'm sure a good portion do it because they don't fear punishment.

Now, before the cops out there want to comment, I'm not criticizing them in any way. I see plenty of traffic enforcement out there, which is one of the reasons I don't speed, I stop at stop signs and I don't ignore signs limiting turns and such.

But cops can't be everywhere all the time, as in today's experience with two Peter Pan buses on Rouet 128 north. Buses numbered 711 and 714 barrelled up the highway at speeds exceeding 70 mph and travelling mainly in the left two lanes. Both are posted no-nos on the sat stretch. The posted speed limit is 55 mph, even though the traffic usually goes a steady 60 to 65 mph. More importantly, signs placed in the median at quarter-mile intervals clearly state "Trucks prohibited from left two lanes."

Normally, I wouldn't care too much about trucks in the center left lane, especially if they were using it to pass slower traffic. But seeing both of these bus drivers using the left lane to weave through traffic in the fashion of a sports car driver, really irked me. So I took pictures of each of them in the left lane as proof that they were there long enough to actually snap pictures of them. The top one is of bus 711. The mirror photo is of bus 714. Note the other truck next to bus 714 is in the center left lane, despite all the signs.


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