Karma strikes just right

I was driving home tonight and realized I forgot to post an item I drafted last week. So, I bring it to you now. It was also a Wednesday and I was heading home on Route 128 south in the late evening. I was passed on the left by a Saturn from New Hampshire that was driving very fast. I know it seems like an anachronism. I don't run across very many speeders from Cow Hampshire, and I seldom see a Saturn driver exceeding any posted speed limit. If there's one type of driver who can usually be counted as safe in my book, it's a Saturn driver.

Because of the driver's speed and the cutting and slashing across lanes, I was really rooting for a cop to stop the driver. Well, as the miles rolled under my wheels, I quickly forgot about the Saturn driver, preferring to focus on the Red Sox game (if memory serves). Then about 15 miles or so south, in Needham, I saw the well-known blue lights strobing against the darkness. And guess who had been pulled over. That's right! The Saturn from New Hampshire.

I literally pumped my fist and screamed "Yes!" at the top of my lungs. I was so happy. I wanted to pull over and tell the state trooper that he did a great job in nailing this driver because he or she was driving erratically for several miles. I didn't actually pull over, of course.

If there's one bit of advice I can give readers here: don't speed or be a bonehead in the Needham flats area of Route 128 (between exits 18 and 19), because there's almost always a state trooper working traffic supervision there. Almost always.

Well, I was still basking the excitement of seeing that Saturn driver get pulled over when I got off at my exit. Almost as soon as I was on surface roads, I was being tailed so closely by a white Corolla that I couldn't see its headlights. This is one of those times I wish I had a scrolling red diode sign in my back window that displayed any number of messages. This, of course, I'm sure would only incite road rage, however. In lieu of the sign, I did something more aggravating. I dropped the anchor and made sure I did exactly the speed limit of 35 mph, slowing to 30 mph when the signs called for it.

Sure enough, I was soon passed by the Corolla driver even though there was a double yellow line. As the driver passed, I got the plate and called the local gendarmes. I turned over the plate, gave a description of the car, told of the driver's actions and the car's direction of travel.
Some might argue that I provoked the driver to pass me. True. But I didn't provoke the tailgating. That was occurring even before I dropped anchor.

I don't know if the cops caught up with the Corolla driver, but the dispatcher seemed very pleased to send a patrol officer looking.


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