Catch me if you can

Traffic slowed in the Tip O'Neill tunnel this morning as an unmarked state police cruiser entered from Downtown with its lights on and it was traveling very slow. No one could figure out why, so we all went slow, too.

After doing this for a few hundred feet I found out why. A guy was actually walking in the tunnel. He seemed to come from nowhere and crossed all four lanes just near exit 26 to Storrow Drive. I don't know where he came from. There wasn't a disabled vehicle. Maybe he came from one of the emergency exits. I couldn't tell because I was so stunned to see someone crossing an interstate, let alone an underground one.

The trooper caught up with him and detained him, but I don't know what happened after that. Thinking about it now, I'm still stunned to see someone running across the road only one car in front of me.


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