Um, OK, that's different

I was on my home tonight thinking about other things (although today I realized I hadn't posted anything here in a while) when something occurred that jarred me out of my traffic-induced reverie.

There I was sitting in traffic on Route 93 South heading towards E. Milton Square. I was a few yards from the exit I was taking today when traffic stopped. Nothing new here. But before traffic picked up again, something fell in front of my car. As it bounced off the ground and off the side of the tractor trailer next to me, I realized it was a rubber ball. It happened so quickly, that if I had anyone else in the car with me I doubt they would have even noticed it. I had to even replay it in my mind to make sure it happened.

It appears the ball, the pink rubber kind that is slightly larger than a racquet ball was somehow propelled over the sound barriers on the Southbound side. Intentionally or otherwise, this thing came flying over and into traffic. A foot either way and this thing would have bounced off my hood or the trunk of the car in front of me. I dare not think what might have happened if I were at cruising speed. A rubber ball couldn't have done much damage, but it might have cracked my windshield with a direct hit at 60 mph.

Oh well, just another day of oddities on the roads.


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