What goes 'round comes 'round

I'm a firm believer in karma. I practiced good tipping karma when I waited tables. Every server, no matter how awful, got a minimum 20 percent from me. The idea was that I would also receive good tips, even if I was having an off day.

The same goes for driving. If I'm feeling particularly anti-social one day and I don't wish to let someone into my lane, I expect there will be someone somewhere who will do the same to me. This past weekend, I had the chance to be on both sides, and in this case it was to return some bad karma received on credit.

On our way into Marshfield on Thursday evening, Mrs. Boston Crazy Driving and I were heading eastbound on Route 139. We were almost in front of the Dunkin' Donuts where 139 merges from two to one lane, just after the Pembroke line (there's a Dunkin' Donuts in Marshfield center where the same phenomenon happens, so there's a need for the distinction).

We were in the right lane and about to merge behind a typical sedan, when the truck in the left lane decides not to share its space. The driver speeds up, rides the tail of the sedan, AND, moves to the right to make it very clear that we were not going to even try to ride beside the truck any longer. Our proper place was staring at the truck's tailgate, and that's that. This almost put us into the curb to avoid a collision. For the record, Mrs. Boston Crazy Driving is no shrinking violet when it comes to the road. Although she backed off, she didn't panic or anything.

Then, to really make the point clear, the driver decided that it was important to jam on the brakes every time traffic slowed. Remember when I said we were forced to look at the tailgate? Well, the truck had emblazoned on it "Boston Drain Co." and two telephone numbers. In fact, the name and numbers of the company were on all sides of the truck. So, I called. I spoke to a woman who was most likely working for a hired answering service, but I was pissed enough that I didn't care. I gave the license plate number (DRAIN1), our location and the type of driving maneuvers being pulled. I hung up satisfied, knowing that I had called, and that I would post here. I felt better. It was cathartic.

But my catharsis was further realized on Friday. Mrs. Boston Crazy Driving was in front of me in Quincy center. We were just coming from picking up my car from being serviced. We were both on the right lane in front of Quincy City Hall, heading towards West Quincy. For those who don't know Quincy (Quin-zee) Center, there's about five lanes of one-way traffic. Two go left towards Quincy High School, three go straight with one becoming a right-turn-only lane. My wife and I were turning right to go towards Bergin Parkway to get to Route 93.

All lanes were stopped for a traffic light. When traffic started moving again, a truck tried to push its way in front on Mrs. Boston Crazy Driving. Guess which company it was from. Guess. That's right, Boston Drain Co. Not one to miss a beat, Mrs. Boston Crazy Driving swerves around the truck and keeps moving. Seeing all this and noting that it was a different truck, I too swerved around the truck, added an annoyed and lengthy horn. For good measure, I abruptly, and without reason, stopped before turning right. I had a green arrow, while the other lanes were red again. Karma, asshole. It sucks.

We ended up lining up at the next light, but the Drain Co. truck had to really inch up to get next to me. The guy in the passenger's side was actually motioning to me. This is a long light. I wasn't going to get into a verbal scrap when I was five cars back at a long red. But it proved to me that I was dealing with an entire company that doesn't give a damn that its drivers' road habits are reflecting poorly on the company.

As I have said before, I refuse to patronize companies that have drivers who act like jerks. I said many times I should make a list. If I were really sinister, I would call all them and make them waste time while I pretended I wanted their business only to say, "No thanks. You're on my list of jerk drivers. Here's the date and time and truck number of the jerk who (insert jerky driving maneuver here). Now, buzz off." But I started this weblog instead.


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