Add another rule

There's another rule to add to an ever-growing list for Boston driving. Anyone in an SUV who feels he or she has waited long enough for a break to change lanes can just move over even if there is another car there.

I've seen this a lot in heavy traffic in Boston. Some are work vans and work trucks. Some are run-of-the-mill SUVs. Today's offender was driving the enormous-for-no-good-reason Toyota Sequoya (Don't ask me why Toyota got rid of a perfectly good vehicle like the Land Cruiser for the Sequoya).

After waiting what must have seemed like an eternity to the driver (it was about 35 seconds by my count), the driver just moved over into my lane, cutting off the driver in front of me who, of course, had to jam on his breaks at 20 mph. Now 20 isn't that fast, but in the dead-stop traffic I was in tonight, it seemed like we were on the open road.

I've written about karma before, in the most recent post behind this one in fact, and karma came through again when I eventually got into another lane at the JFK exit on the Southeast Distressway and passed him. I never saw him again.


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