Big Dig Diner update

Anyone who was a regular reader of this blog space may remember a post from about two years ago which featured the defunct Big Dig Diner. It turns out the diner has been hauled away. I don't know if anyone noticed because it was tucked in Marine Industrial Park in Southie, far away from any measureable foot traffic.

A commenter on that post recently pointed me to this post on Diner Talk Blog V1.0 which talks about the diner car's history and its present location. It's future will most likely take it out of Boston.

I've always enjoyed the nostalgia that diner's carry, like that of trains and train travel, but I've never been an enthusiast on either subject where I would commit myself to learning the particulars of certain cars. Therefore, I'm grateful to the folks at Diner Talk who are committed to bringing the history to my attention. It does amaze me that the diners can be picked up, hauled away, completely remodeled, and then plunked down somewhere else entirely. What's more, because of their period detail (often Art Deco and Art Neuveau), they look like they've always been in their particular spots since the early 20th century.

Well, that said, happy reading. I'm going to crawl back into my hole now.

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