Hood ornament

I was nearly blind with boredom on tonight's ride home. Traffic was moving well, and the ride was particularly mundane. By chance, I noticed a Volvo ahead with something on it's roof. Immediately, I knew it wasn't one of those rooftop pods, but I couldn't tell what it was right away. I thought maybe it was some kind of missile. Then I got closer and thought, "No Freakin' Way! Is it? No way! It is!"

I grabbed my camera knowing I only had one shot at getting it. I got lucky and nailed the shot! I know it would have been hard to believe without photographic evidence.

Later, I took my exit, I wondered about the driver. Was this a particularly unique symbol of his membership of Red Sox Nation since the Hood Blimp, as chronicled by Eeka, is a staple over Fenway during Red Sox home games? Is the guy a Hood dairy employee or heir and helps with the advertising? Or is this guy just a fan of blimps?

I want to know his story. I want to know how he came upon this blimp. Did he make it himself? If so, how long did it take to make it? What is it made of? How much did it cost? If he's married, did his spouse willingly or grudgingly approve it. And, how about this one, even though it's aerodynamic, does the blimp cause a drag that makes him lose gas mileage?

If anyone knows this guy, e-mail me.


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