Duct tape and twine fixes everything

I know I'm coming to this part of the story a bit late, but the fact that duct tape was used to secure anything in these tunnels other than a sign to a wall really pisses me off.

In high school, I had this friend who would play street hockey with guys from his neighborhood. I joined them on the driveway/half court at one kid's house one day. The host, who also insisted on always being the goalie, had on his "street hockey sneakers," as he called them. They were a sorry pair of formerly white leather low tops. His feet were sticking out of holes all over the place and the only thing keeping them together was duct tape and twine.

I remember making a comment about them, and the guy smiled broadly and said, "Duct tape and twine fixes everything." In the years since, I've come to realize that was a very wise and true statement as I used both separately and in tandem to repair many things. It was invaluable advice. It seems, maybe, the kid with the busted sneakers knew some guys on the Big Dig with a fastening problem and he shared his wisdom with them.


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