Falling sky prompts more closures

Gov. Mitt Romney ordered the eastbound Ted Williams Tunnel closed today because another panel was found to be unsafe. How long until he closes both sides of the Tip O'Neill tunnel?

Another ticking timebomb in Boston is the UMass Boston garage. The school closed that crumbling facility today, finally. I attended UMB from 2000 to finish my bachelor's as an adult student. I graduated (magna) in June. I can tell you that I was never more afraid for my life than when I was in that garage. It was very clearly falling apart in many areas, and I have seen bridges closed in this state that were in better condition. After the new Campus Center was built, I started to park in its outdoor lot when I could, and eventually just finished my degree with online classes through the university. The online environment was great in that I didn't have to leave my house, but better yet that I didn't have to go to campus and risk my life.

The closure comes on the heels, though unrelated to, a call for another Ward Commission by state Sen. Marian Walsh. Via Univeral Hub, Walsh has called for a special commission to investigate all of the wrongdoing on the Big Dig the way the Ward Commission did following the construction of the campus at UMass Boston.


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