Big Dig detours

The "experts" are now saying the deadly Route 90 connector tunnel to the Ted Williams Tunnel will likely be closed for MONTHS. I'm glad someone is finally taking this seriously, because it seems like this whole project has been nothing but a big joke played on the public and each time a contractor cut a corner, he and the Turnpike chairman at the time would meet together for a beer in the Financial District to have a laugh at our expense.

Since the tunnels are going to be closed for a few months, there needs to be a clearer temporary route to get drivers to the old tunnels. Mac Daniel's Starts and Stops blog has the proposed routes posted here. I know one thing for sure, the Turnpike needs to reopen one of the HOV lanes. The last exit before the tunnel, I think it's labeled Exit 22, is a high-occupancy alternative to the Ted Williams Tunnel and South Station. The ramps diverge at one point, allowing the South Station traffic to access surface roads, and since last Tuesday morning the exit has been closed entirely. I don't know why exactly, because it would seem to me that allowing HOV access to South Station would be another detour alternative for drivers.

I say, why not close the Ted Williams Tunnel portion of the HOV ramp and allow traffic to flow as normal on the South Station HOV ramp.

On the other hand, I'm glad to see they're allowing all traffic on the South Boston Bypass Road, also known as Haul Road. It's a secret little expressway from the Southie waterfront to Route 93 at Mass. Ave. It's for commercial vehicles only, and I don't understand why because whenever I've been in a commercial vehicle on it, there's never been too many other vehicles. It will be a rare treat for most Boston drivers to get on this road. It's a bolt-straight, two-lane road that has the potential of shaving some serious time off the commute under normal circumstances, and it has been preserved for commercial vehicle access only and enforced with regular police patrols who hand out expensive tickets.

I'm sure traffic will be a mess as drivers get used to these detours. As such, I've had to modify my commuting times. I now go into the office later and leave later, and I'm thankful I have a boss and a job that allows me to do that. Otherwise I'd be crankier than normal.


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