Big Dig chief on the plank

Gov. Mitt Romney is trying to do what others, and even he, couldn't before: Fire Turnpike Chairman Matt Amorello.

The Daily Briefing and several other news outlets are reporting that the state's CEO governor has sent "the letter" to Amorello, as Howie Carr called it last night when he revealed a rumor that this was going to happen on his radio who on WRKO 680AM. The letter, as it were, is a list of charges against Amorello in the wake of the fatal ceiling collapse last week in the connector tunnel to the Ted Williams Tunnel on Route 90. The collapse killed Jamaica Plain mother and newlywed Milena Del Valle, who will be buried soon in her native Costa Rica.

The charges attempt to lay out the reasons why Romney is seeking to fire Amorello, who has had the benefit of a previous Turnpike firing case that ruled the governor must have cause to fire someone on the Turnpike Board of Directors, of which Amorello is the $200,000-a-year chairman.

I say, go get him, Mitt, for the public's and my own safety.


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