Crazy driver causes accident

It's a call everyone dreads: someone has been in a car accident.

In this case yesterday, it was my mother-in-law, who was taken from an accident in an ambulance, and later released from the hospital. Luckily, she wasn't severely injured with cuts or broken bones, but she will have a recovery period after being rear-ended in Braintree. She was sitting in her car, stopped at a red light, when one of Boston's famous crazy drivers crashed rear-ended the car behind her. The force of that impact pushed the car into my mother-in-law's and she got rocked pretty hard.

This was the classic example of someone not paying attention, and it caused injury. We're all fortunate it wasn't something extremely serious.

UPDATE 7/19/06: A commenter noticed a typo. I have fixed it where it said my mother-in-law was severely injured. She wasn't severly injured. She is getting better as of today, but still feeling strong effects of the accident.


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